1964 Holden EH Premier

The EH Premier was the top of the range model with 179ci engine and hydramatic transmission, leather interior, bucket seats, fold down centre armrest in the back seat, carpets, metallic paint, centre console incorporating a heater/demister, diamond dot radio, handbrake warning light and chrome plated wheel trims.

The EH was a terrific seller for Holden, 250,000+ EH holdens were sold in just 18 months, showing just how popular they were in their day, today they remain one of the most popular old holdens for enthusiasts and are commonly thought of as one of the best designed of all the old holdens. With basic improvements to the front end and steering using later model components the EH Holden can compare with any other old holden in every department and beat most for raw appeal. Click here to learn more.


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