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A classic wedding deserves a classic wedding car

Bring some old school cool to your wedding, formal or event with our original classic & muscle cars.

The EH Premier, HG Premier, Thunderbird and Mustang are cars that defined their generation and helped launch the iconic road trip. And now they can be part of your biggest journey ever…

Memories were made in cars like this. It’s time to make your own memories. Give us a call and arrange to kick the tyres. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Our drivers are professional, friendly and as obsessed with timeless cars as you are. Plus, they don’t mind a chinwag so it’s like having a mate driving you to your ceremony. Our high-octane service has won us heaps of awards from the wedding industry.

The extra mile


We believe in giving our clients real value for money. But that doesn’t mean cheap and nasty, it means quality service and beautiful cars at prices you can afford.


We love to talk which means you’re never left in the dark. We keep you up to speed with all the plans for your wedding day, so you can get hitched without a hitch.


We don’t just drop you at the wedding and drive away, we’re here to help your day go smoothly. From hair ties, batteries to a cool glass of water, we’ve got you covered.

The most amazing service! We got the 1964 Holden EH for Mum’s wedding day, not only was the car beautiful, but Victor’s service made the entire day incredible. From blasting tunes in the car on the way there, to helping out by holding purses and taking pictures at the Bridal photos, Vic was an absolute legend. The day went so beautifully and I think Vic was a big contributor to that – thank you so so much!!

Lucinda Simpspon

We can answer all your transport questions

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