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Are fuel costs and all kilometres included in my booking?

Yes. When making your booking we will discuss the distance you'll need to travel and ensure that all your stops are included. Any last minute additional stops may effect our ability to be on time.

Is there a minimum hire period in case I want your cars just for photos?

Yes. We have a 3 hour minimum charge for all bookings. However, this does exclude travel time from our starting point in Port Kembla.

How much should I expect to pay when booking the wedding cars?

Every booking is unique and it all comes down do how long you need the cars for. We have 4 hour and 8 hour packages with all kms included and prices start from $250ph, per car. Feel free to get in touch and we can custom build a package to suit your specific needs.

What else is included with my wedding car booking?

All our cars come with satin wedding ribbons. We also offer optional add-ons such as chilled champagne and a professionally prepared cheese/fruit platter, both of which can be purchased separately and in large quantities. For larger bookings these will be offered complimentary.

Some other bits we keep on board each car include bottle water, soft drinks, umbrellas, towels, a fire extinguisher, a flashlight, bluetooth speaker, phone chargers , insect repellent, emergency kit, sewing kit, an esky and area for storage. Rain, mosquitoes or shine, we have you covered! All fuel and running costs are covered in all bookings.

Do you supply food and/or drinks?

We sure do. All cars come with bottled water and soft drinks. At the time of booking your can purchase chilled champagne a variety of professionally prepared cheese/fruit platter options We can also offer more elaborate catering options through a preferred supplier. Get in touch to find out some great options.

What will my driver be wearing on the day and what service should I expect?

Our drivers will be dressed in black pants, white collared shirt with a black tie. If you have any specials requests of attire please be sure to let us know and we’ll do out best to accommodate. Our drivers are friendly and personable and will ensure you are enjoying your day.

Are kids welcome to travel in your cars?

Kids are most welcome to travel with us in most of our cars. Some of our cars however do not have rear seat belt capabilities and by law, the NSW Motor Traffic Act states that all children under 7 year of age must travel in a childrens car seat. This means all capsules are a no go unfortunately.

What happens in harsh weather like rain, hail or heavy winds?

In this case the amount of stops we do is entirely by you. We will be fully prepared for wet weather gear such as umbrellas, towels, ponchos and wet weather mat for wiping your feet. We recommend speaking with your reception venue to organise some covering for when exiting the cars.

If there is severe weather forecast for your wedding day or server weather comes suddenly, a decision will be made on a case by case basis. We will not travel if its hailing or forecast to hail.

What happens if the car breaks down or gets damaged?

Our cars are well maintained to ensure they are running well and won’t break down. However, if by chance this occurs we have a network of cars that we can rely on to get you to your wedding on time.

If you or one of your guests scratches, dents or damages the car in any way you will be liable for all charges associated with fixing the damage. Further details of this are covered in the contract agreement.

I have a limited budget, can I just book the cars with no extra package options?

You sure can. We are happy to work with you on a customisable options that sits within your budget.

What happens if we go over time on our pre-purchased package?

We understand that things happen, so 5 or 10 minutes over won't concern us. But sometimes our cars have 2 bookings in 1 day, so we would charge you $150 per hour for every 30mins you go over time. If this is a concern, we recommend you pre-book extra time as this will work out much cheaper.

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